Saturday 28th July 2007


Start Point : Hartsop village (NY 409 130)


Distance : 10.4  miles       Height Ascended : 1120 metres


Route Map


Looking up  Threshwaite Glen to Threshwaite Mouth from the path just above Hartsop


Brothers Water and the sunlit ridge of Hartsop Above How

Dove Crag, Hart Crag, Fairfield and St Sunday Crag on the skyline


Same view higher up


Pink woolly jumpers………….


High Street and Gray Crag and a glimpse of Hayeswater from Brock Crags


Not so bright to the northwest as Glenridding catches a passing shower


Bruce surveys the scenery from the summit of Brock Crags


Angle Tarn from Brock Crags


Looking down on Brothers Water


Bannerdale from Satura Crag - Beda Fell to the left, The Nab to the right


Brock Crags, Buck Crag and Angletarn Pikes stand out against the Helvellyn range


The Nab from Rest Dodd's lower northern flank - the numerous peat hags creating the striated pattern


Peat hags in close up


Looking north down Howe Grain from Nab End towards a sunlit Hallin Fell………………….


…….........and the view south to Rest Dodd


Thornthwaite Crag and the Gray Crag ridge from the summit of The Knott


Looking back to Rest Dodd and The Nab from The Knott


Riggindale and Haweswater from the Straits of Riggindale on the High Street ridge


Gray Crag and Hayeswater from the High Street plateau


Hayeswater Panorama


Carlsberg don’t do cairns – but if they did………..

Thornthwaite Beacon – probably the most distinctive cairn in Lakeland


Looking north to Ullswater from Thornthwaite Crag


Bruce just below the summit of Thornthwaite Crag


Threshwaite Mouth from Gray Crag


The summit of Gray Crag with Brock Crags and Place Fell behind


A wider view including Rest Dodd


Hartsop village


The ridge path down from Gray Crag and Brock Crags across Hayewater Gill


Another view of Hartsop village which nestles between the lower slopes of Hartsop Dodd and Brock Crags