Monday 9th June 2008


Start Point : Bannisdale road just of A6 (SD 530 998 916)


Distance : 11.4 miles         Height Ascended : 770 metres


Route Map



Whiteside Pike’s summit cairn with embedded commerative stone


A Millenium meeting of the local parishes…………………………


The view(?) from Todd Fell towards Capperbarrow - actually better visibility than it was at the start of the walk!!


Clearing all the time now - a look back to Todd Fell (route finding made easier in the mist using the ridge fence)


Nearing the top of Capplebarrow and another look back - Whiteside Pike now clear on the left


Looking across Longsleddale from  Capplebarrow


A nameless summit (1819') from Capplebarrow - the low cloud at the head of Bannisdale still lingering


The head of Bannisdale - the return route to be via the lower of the ridges


A 'hidden tarn' (AW) and another nameless summit (1771')


A suitable marking for the unnamed summit that is the highest point on the walk (the cairn not the fence-post!)

Shipman Knotts to the right across Longsleddale and a hazy view of western leg of the Kentmere horseshoe


Still rather cloudy over upper Longsleddale - Kentmere Pike topped with cloud to the right, Tarn Crag clear to the right


Tarn Crag and Grey Crag from an unnamed summit (1771')


Tree Pipit


Bannisdale from Long Crag


The view northwest from White Howe and part of the ridge walked earlier in the middle distance


Whiteside Pike and a distant view of Kendal from the third unnamed summit (1736')


The Whinfell Common ridge and a distant hazy glimpse of the Howgills


Nearly there - Lamb Pasture the final summit just right of centre.


Violet explores the long grass (of which there was plenty!)


Bannisdale (click on image for a larger version)


Looking up Bannisdale from Lamb Pasture


Bright and clear at the end of the walk - Whiteside Pike across the foot of Bannisdale