Thursday 3rd April 2008


Start Point : Malham (SD 900 627)


Distance : 7.0 miles          Height Ascended : 390 metres


Route Map

Today’s walk closely followed A. Wainwright’s Gordale Scar, Malham Tarm & Malham Cove walk in his book

‘Walks in Limestone Country’ which he describes as :-

 ‘Limestone scenery at its very best and most impressive. A superb walk in unique surroundings’.


The approach to Gordale Scar from Gordale Lane


Janet's Foss


Gordale Beck below Janet's Foss


The dramatic approach to Gordale Scar


Gordale Scar a great limestone gorge near Malham some 400 feet deep.

It is a spectacular feature of the Craven Fault and believed to be the remains

of a huge underground cavern whose roof collapsed around the time of the last ice age


The climber on the huge boulder at the foot of the gorge gives some idea of scale.

(I decided to avoid this potentially slippy climb and take a more sedate route up and around the western edge of the ravine)


Looking south from the climb up New Close Knotts.


Looking down on Hawthorns Lane and the pattern of field boundaries that is typical of the Yorkshire Dales


Looking down to Gordale Scar


Another spectacular view of Gordale Scar (ample reward for the detour)


Limestone cliffs at the upper end of Gordale Scar


The smooth grassy tops of Malham Lings and a rare break in the otherwise overcast skies


Boxers on tour - Millie, Martha and Bruce


Malham Tarn House (and boathouse) across Malham Tarn


Martha and Bruce cooling off near Water Sinks




Approaching the top of Malham Cove


Limestone pavement above Malham Cove and the characteristic Clints (the blocks) and Grykes (the gaps)


Looking down on the village of Malham and Airedale from the top of Malham Cove


Malham Cove


Malham Cove and Malham Beck


More characteristic drystone wall field boundary markings north of Malham village