Tuesday 16th January 2008


Start Point : Grasmere village (NY 336 074)


Distance : 8.0 miles          Height Ascended : 715 metres


Route Map


Sourmilk Gill waterfalls with Tarn Crag behind from the path leading to Stythwaite Steps


Stythwaite Steps with Calf Crag behind – the old stepping stones now conveniently replaced by a footbridge


Ascending the ridge path to Tarn Crag - a look back to Helm Crag and a snow-capped Nab Scar further behind


A more extensive view higher up


Easedale Tarn with Great Castle How and  Blea Crag  outlined behind


Deer Bield Crags and upper Easedale


A summit pose for Violet on Tarn Crag


The southern aspect from the summit of Tarn Crag - includes Windermere in the centre distance


A wintry-looking Codale Tarn


Tarn Crag over Codale Tarn


Easedale Tarn across the shoulder of Belles Knott


Just below the cloud base that is now beginning to drop - Codale Tarn and Easedale Tarn still visible


A misty-looking Blea Crag on the drop down from Blea Rigg


Another view of Easedale Tarn - Tarn Crag now obscured.


The eastern end of Easedale Tarn (and it's started to rain)


Plenty of water over Sourmilk Gill waterfalls today………….