Friday 28th May 2009


Start Point : Elgol (NG 516 136)


Distance : 7.1 miles         Height Ascended : 540 metres


Route Map



The Cuillin are probably the most spectacular mountain range in Britian, a magnificent arc of splintered rock peaks with an

amazing array of pinnacles , cliffs, corries and arκtes. At the heart of the Cuillin lies Loch Coruisk, a wild sheet of water in

a deep corrie right below the Cuillin summits. The classic, and most interesting and scenic, way to reach Loch Coruisk is by

sea, which can be done from Elgol on the Bella Jane, a wonderful 45-minute boat ride. The boat journey crosses Loch Scavaig 

to a landing-stage consisting of iron steps in a rock slab in inner Loch na Cuilce, passing en route an island on which seals bask and

with good views south to the rocky peaks of the island of Rum.


The prominent peak of Sgurr Na Stri  from Elgol – the Cuillin partially obscured by the early morning cloud


The Bella Jane  (the blue-hulled boat) alongside the jetty at Elgol


Looking into Canas Fhionnairigh (Camasunary Bay) from the Bella Jane - Bla Bheinn cloaked in cloud

(the shoreline from left to right was covered in this walk)


Sgurr na Stri and Bla Bheinn - great views and the walk hadn't even started


Approaching the head of Loch Stravaig and the drop off point


Seals basking in inner Loch na Cuilce


The recent rain made crossing the Scavaig River across the stepping stones a little tricky


The first view of Loch Coruisk – living up to all expectations


The classic view across Loch Coruisk into The Cuillin


Loch Coruisk


Scavaig River - one of the world's shortest rivers (400 metres from Loch Coruisk to the sea)


The temptation to keep looking back was irresistible as the cloud slowly dissipated


Sgurr Alasdair appears through the cloud to the left


The walk really started here, despite the temptation to linger and take photographs


The walk is rough and rocky in places but not difficult


At low water I suspect it is possible to cross this section without scrambling over the foreshore………………………


……………….however it is not possible to avoid the Bad Step a slab of rock

whichs runs down into the sea, blocking the way. Negotiating the Bad Step

involves an easy scramble, starting with a narrow ledge that leads up to a

tiny platform from which you balance along the edge of a wide crack in the slab,

hands on rock, back down to sea level amongst some big boulders.


A lone walker on the Bad Step (picture courtesy of the Scottish Sea Kayaking Club)


A look back having safely negotiated the Bad Step


Everywhere the path is low level but nearly always close to the cliff edge


Looking ahead  - Elgol is close to the end of the narrow peninsula


Gars Bheinn


Sgurr na Stri


The cloud continued to slowly dissipate as the walk progressed.


At Rubha Ban the path turns northeast along the west side of Camasunary Bay - the Cuillin

are now hidden but a superb view opens up of Bla Bheinn in the northeast.


The river is crossable at several places but easier further upstream where it is relatively shallow.

Once across the river the walk is on gentle terrain for a while – a beautiful sward of green turf above a sloping stony beach.


Camasunary Bay


At the east end of the bay is a locked estate house.

Soaring above this lovely relaxing spot is the long, rocky ridge of Bla Bheinn.


Looking back across the Bay - a delightfully remote spot.


A glimpse of Marsco beyond the bay but Bla Bheinn still dominates this scene


A glimpse of two of the The Small Isles - Eigg beyond the promontory in the foreground and Rum to the right


The Black Cuillin


The Coullins from near Elgol


Approaching Elgol and the end of a fantastic walk


The Cuillin from the shore at Elgol (picture by Sue)