Monday 18th May 2009


Start Point : Top of the Staffin / Uig road (NG 440 679)


Distance : 4.4 miles         Height Ascended : 550 metres


Route Map


The Quiraing is a fantastic, almost other-worldly, landscape of rock formations near the northern end of the Trotternish Ridge.

The most famous of the formations are The Needle, a spire of jagged rock, The Prison, a ridge which, if seen from the correct angle, resembles

a castle keep with corner guard towers, and The Table, an incongruous green-clad plateau nestled in the midst of the Quiraing rocks.



The Storr - the drive north from Portree to Staffin is memorable for views of The Storr a series of near vertical

 cliffs identifiable by the conspicuous pinnacle of The Old Man at their base


Looking south down the hills of Trotternish from near the start of the walk (the Staffin / Uig road

is seen curving up through the right of the picture – to the start point of the walk)


The Quiraing


The Trotternish hills is a continuous escarpment that forms a backbone of rock facing east to the Sound of Raasay


The gravelled path is easy to follow across the foot of the escarpment


Looking south along the range of The Trotternish Hills


The Prison (right)

The name ‘Quiraing’ translates loosely as ‘pillared fortress’, so it should come as no surprise that one of the most prominent features

of this unusual glacial outcropping of the Trotternish ridge is known as The Prison. Whether this formation actually resembles a prison

 is up to your own imagination; from one angle it looks like an upside-down letter V, but if seen from just the right direction it

does indeed look like the crumbling ruins of a stone keep with corner turrets.


The Needle – needs no explanation


Looking down on Staffin and Staffin Bay - the scottish mainland  in the distance


Hetty and Martha out of prison!!


Some of the unusual formations of The Quiraing……………….


…………………….and again


From here the path ascends towards the top of the escarpment and Sron Vourninn  (far right)


Sgurr Mor the northern extremity of the Trotternish Hills and a view across to the Isle of Lewis


Sron Vourlinn


Fantastic views from the ridge top..................


………………..........the most fantastic being this outstanding view of The Table


This small, green plateau seems oddly out of place, hidden away like a secluded snooker table in amongst the higgledy-piggeldy rock

 formations that surround it. In the days of clan warfare this plateau was used to hide cattle, and in more peaceful times the Gaelic

sport of shinty was played on the mostly level surface.


Another view of the Table further south along the ridge


The Quiraing


A final view The Trotternish Hills