Saturday 6th November 2010


Start Point : Hartsop (NY 409 130)


Distance : 6.1 miles Height Ascended : 670 metres


Route Map



Gavel Pike and St Sunday Crag over Low Wood.


A different angle now includes the Fairfield plateau.


A real splash of  autumn colours light up this view of Patterdale.


Looking into Deepdale.


Patterdale and Glenridding - in the distance a high level layer of cloud is gradually spreading to the east.


Red Screes and Brothers Water from near the top of Dubhow Beck.



The Hartsop above How ridge - Kirkstonefoot and Brothers Water to the left, Deepdale to the right.


Beda Fell from the main northern summit of Angletarn Pikes.


Violet patiently watches proceedings.


Angle Tarn from the lower summit of Angletarn Pikes - the High Street ridge stretching across the skyline.


Looking back to the north top and Place Fell.


Deepdale from Angletarn Pikes.

The arrival of the high cloud now creating a slightly darker scene but the fantastic visibility is not affected.


Birkhouse Moor catches the light.


Angletarn Pikes north top.


Beda Fell.


The Helvellyn ridge over Angle Tarn.




One of the islets that make Angle Tarn unusual amongst the high Lakeland tarns.


Cormorant x 2


Angle Tarn and a great mountain backdrop.


With most of the transient high cloud having now dissipated the vistas brighten again.


Brock Crags.


The Beda Fell ridge and Bannerdale from the top of Buck Crag.


Violet on the alert.


The high dry-stone walls have stood the testament of time.


The northwesterly aspect from the summit of Brock Crags…………………


…………………….and the northeastererly panorama.


Looking down on Arnison Crag and beyond.


Brothers Water and a sunlit Hartsop above How ridge.


Rest Dodd from the Satura Crag 'gate'.


A splendid view of Bannerdale from the top of Satura Crag.


Buck Crag.


Cloud spilling over Fairfield.


Towards Hartsop.


 Looking up to The Knott from the Filter House.


Gray Crag.