Saturday 30th October 2010


Start Point : Grasmere (NY 336 073)


Distance : 6.2 miles          Height Ascended : 360 metres


Route Map



The early morning sun lights up Ecton Crag by Sourmilk Gill.

 All is clear around Tarn Crag – would it last?


Looking in to Far Easedale – thin cloud brushes the top of Gibson Knott.


Far Easedale Gill.


A rather damp looking Far Easedale from near Stythwaite Steps.


Passing showers over Helm Crag.


My arrival at Easedale Tarn coincided with a gradual lowering of the cloud base.


Tarn Crag over Easedale Tarn.

Hetty and Violet pose by the tarn's edge.


Violet on the prowl.


Not much to see of Tarn Crag after my circuit of the tarn.


Easedale from Sourmilk Gill.




The foot of Sourmilk Gill at Upper Easedale.