Thursday 29th April 2010


Start Point : Austwick (SD 768 685)


Distance : 6.3 miles          Height Ascended : 360 metres


Route Map




A riot of colour in Austwick.


Nappa Scars - on top, to the left, is the edge of a jumble of boulders that are the Norber Erratics.


Robin Proctor's Scar, Norber and Nappa Scars.

My route follows the main wall, past the gap, and through a small gate at a junction of walls and then towards the Norber boulders (upper right).


Robin Proctor's Scar.


There were lots of these little fellas about.


Nappa Scars.


Looking up to the edge of the boulder field.


Onwards and upwards for Norber.





The Norber Erratics

An explanation by AW :-

Note that not only does the dark Silurian rock contrast markedly in appearance with the white Carboniferous Limestone, but, being harder

 and more durable, it has withstood the elements while the softer limestone on which it rests has been worn down by the weather, creating

the odd effect that, with the passage of time, the boulders have become suspended on shrinking pedestals of limestone that have survived

 erosion only by the ‘umbrella’ protection afforded by the boulders. These pedestals, about 12″ – 15″ high, are therefore a measure of the

 extent of erosion suffered by the general surface level of the ground since the Ice Age.


Looking across to Moughton.


‘Gimme a lift’


Limestone Pavement.


Of the many cairns that mark the flat top of Norber this is the highest - Pen-y-ghent darkly marks the distant skyline.


Ingleborough to the northwest.


This is Limestone Country…………………….two of Yorkshire Dales Three Peaks.


Summit pose from old Bruce - The Limestone Cowboy.


Pen-y-ghent over Moughton Scars from the top of Long Scar.


The cairn that marks the top of Long Scar - the wooded ravine of Trow Gill below and to it's left.


Ingleborough and Simon Fell.


Crummack Farm situated near the head of Crummack Dale.


The dark silouette of Pen-y-ghent over the southern edge of Moughton Scars.


The head of Crummack Dale.


Austwick Beck Head.


Austwick Beck Head where it emerges from hillside at the head of Crummack Dale.


Moughton and Studrigg Scar.


I did say there were lots of these little fellas about.