Thursday 22nd July 2010


Start Point : Church Bridge - Troutbeck (NY 412 026)


Distance : 5.5 miles          Height Ascended : 510 metres


Route Map



Height is quickly gained up the Garburn Pass and the views into Troutbeck Valley and along the Ill Bell ridge soon open up,

 the top of Caudale Moor to the left remains hidden beneath the cloud.


The Wansfell ridge over the stretched out homesteads of Troutbeck.


Troutbeck Valley – the lateness of the day and the heavily overcast skies combine for gloomy views.


The short but steep ascent over Applethwaite Common and onwards to the summit of Sour Howes can be made via the a set of three ladder

 stiles – the first from the Garburn Pass, seen here, leads to another two in the wall ahead.


The first glimpse of Windermere - in the distance Black Combe and the Coniston Fells.


The Langdale Pikes over Wansfell.


Blue skies to the south but not enough to brighten this view of Windermere - Dubbs Reservoir visible left of centre.


Passing showers behind the Wansfell ridge crossing the Fairfield range.


Martha and Violet share the summit of Sour Howes.


The easterly aspect from the summit of Sour Howes includes the sunlit tops on the Bannerdale (left) and the distant Howgills.


Windermere from the summit of Sour Howes.


A gloomy view of Yoke and Sallows from Sour Howes.


Potter Fell catches a brief burst of sunshine.


Martha and Violet by the fenced stile set in the wall that leads to the summit of of Sallows.


A few brief gaps in the cloud light up Wansfell.


Overlooking the small piles of stones that mark the top of Sallows and looking down the lower Kentmere valley towards Staveley.


Martha and Violet wait patiently.


Looking towards Hollow Moor from the top of the Garburn Pass.


Zooming in over Wansfell to the characteristic tops of the Langdale Pikes.


Dark Red Screes and Caudale Moor.


The Yoke / Ill Bell ridge.


A cluster of Wainwrights.


Applethwaite Quarry

‘……………………..relieved from desolation by a planting of conifers……………………(AW)


Applethwaite Quarry.


A splash of late evening sunshine hits Troutbeck.


Little Owl