Thursday 1st April 2010


Start Point : Ingleton Falls Car Park (SD 693 733)


Distance : 9.2 miles††††††††† Height Ascended : 450 metres


Route Map


The Turbary Road is a grassy cart-track once used to transport peat from the pastures above Yordas Cave,

it gently follows a line along a natural shelf below Gragareth. Along itís length there are numerous shake holes and

pot holes that lead to a labyrinth of underground passages and caverns.


Thornton Hall.


It isnít long before Ingleborough begins to dominate the eastern skyline.


Twisleton Scar End and Ingleborough..........................


........and again.


Whernside over Keld Head Scar.


Between Tow Scar and North End Scar there is a view of The Coniston Fells across Morercambe Bay.


Now following the Turbary Road the view ahead becomes dominated by Whernside.


Light and cloud shadows on the Gragareth ridge.


Ingleborough over Twisleton top.


Looking up to the head of Kingsdale from the Turbary Road.


Violet - the Limestone Cowgirl.


This hole (unfenced) is the collapsed roof of Rowten Cave - below it a stream can be seen sliding along its floor.


Rowten Pot.


The trees immediately to the right mark the top of Yordas Wood - further ahead is the head of Kingsdale and Whernside.


Yordas Wood.


The entrance to Yordas Cave.


Yordas Cave was once a show place visited only be permission from and payment to the nearby Braida Garth farm.

It is now open to anyone who cares to enter.


Looking north up Kingsdale Beck (Braida Garth farm to the right).


Keld Head Scar and Gragareth.


Another view of Keld Head Scar from Ravenray Bridge.


Ravenray Bridge.


The River Twiss before it cascades over the limestone crag at the top of Thornton Force - Thisleton Scar End marks the central skyline.


Thornton Force the highest and most spectacular of the Ingleton waterfalls.


Thorton Force - a truly delightful setting.


Pecca Twin Falls.


The first of the Pecca Falls

(or the last if you are descending).


Woodland sculptures in Pecca Glen.