Monday 1st March 2010


Start Point : Near Limefitt Park (NY 414 029)


Distance : 7.6 miles          Height Ascended : 410 metres


Route Map



The start of today's walk goes through Limefitt Park which has great views into Troutbeck valley.


Troutbeck Valley - today's objective Troutbeck Tongue is the first 'hump' just right of centre.


The great view is maintained all the way to the footbridge across Hagg Gill at the foot of Troutbeck Tongue.


A glimpse, to the left, of a snow-capped Red Screes.


Troutbeck Park Farm delightfully set at the head of Troutbeck valley.

This farm and Troutbeck Tongue were purchased by Beatrix Potter in 1923 and bequeathed by her to the National Trust.


Ill Bell - the steep shoulder of Troutbeck Tongue to the left.


Gateway to Threshwaite Mouth - immediately beyond the gate there is a path that drops down

 to and across Hagg Gill where the short but steep ascent of Troutbeck Tongue begins.


Hetty and Martha are immediately attracted to the waters of Hagg Gill despite the temperature.


Come on in the water's lovely.


Hagg Gill and a  view of Thornthwaite Crag.


I'm watching ewe.


Still the view of the Ill Bell / Froswick ridge commands.


Looking back down Troutbeck valley.


There is a small step stile across a fence on the approach to the summit.


Martha waits.




Red Screes and the summit of Troutbeck Tongue now in sight.


Windermere and the Troutbeck Valley.

According to AW there is nothing worth comment from the summit apart from the view down the valley to Windermere.


But surely the view north is better?


Thornwaite Crag, Froswick and Ill Bell.


Threshwaite Mouth.


Hetty and Martha - ever alert.


Looking up to Threshwaite Mouth and Thornthwaite Crag.


The infant Trout Beck.


This Rowan tree, just upstream from the slate bridge, caught my attention

on my previouis visit by the way it grows out of the split rock.


A close up of it's base.


A different view.


Slate bridge, Trout Beck.


Hetty tries her paws at tickling for trout.


Troutbeck Park homesteads below Troutbeck Tongue.


This is one stile I didn't have to lift the dogs over.


Hagg Bridge.