Wednesday 16th February 2011


Start Point : Grasmere Village (NY 336 074)


Distance : 8.5 miles          Height Ascended : 710 metres


Route Map



Helm Crag from Allan Bank.


Gaining height and the blanket of cloud is slow to clear.


Crossing Wray Gill.


A brief break in the cloud gives a murky view of Grasmere from the summit of Silver How.


Lang How.


Looking back over one of the Lang How Tarns.


Looking back towards Silver How over the largest of the Lang How tarns (referred to as Youdell Tarn in some books).

Looking towards Little Castle How and signs that the cloud is on the brink of lifting.


Little Castle How smoking.


Another break in the cloud and a gloomy view of Easedale Tarn.


The shelter stone on the top of Blea Rigg.


Room for one at a squeeze!!


Violet poses on what I think is the summit of Blea Rigg.


Easedale Tarn.


Codale Tarn below Tarn Crag.


Belles Knott.


A much brighter scene now over Easedale Tarn.


The view across Slapestone Edge.


Belles Knott now looking a bit more formidable.


Tarn Crag x 2


Interesting Easedale Tarn reflections.


More reflections - in the distance to the right a glimpse of the snow-capped Helvellyn ridge.


Tarn Crag.


Tarn Crag over Easedale Tarn.


Tarn Crag.


Gibson Knott and Helm Crag with Seat Sandal and Fairfield in the distance.


Helm Carg and a tree growing out of a rock.


Gibson Knott over Far Easedale Gill.