Tuesday 20th September 2011


Start Point : Mardale Head (NY 469 107)


Distance : 5.7 miles          Height Ascended : 550 metres


Route Map



A bright start over High Street and Kidsty Pike.


The stone bridge over Hopgill Beck - in the form of a packhorse bridge it is little wider than a wall.


In a wider setting……………


………………………….and as seen from the other side.


Looking across to The Rigg.


The finger-board pointing to the start of the Old Corpse Road.




Mardale Head.


Harter Fell and Mardale Ill Bell at the head of Mardale.


Branstree's north ridge and a glimpse of the upper Hopgill Beck falls.


The lower of the ruined buildings adjacent to the Old Corpse Road.

Mardale Head from the ruined building.


I wonder if these buildings were once inhabited or were simply old peat storage huts..............


Classic lakeland image.


Mardale Head, The Rigg and Rough Crag.


A look back along the Old Corpse Road.

This was the route by which Mardale's dead were taken, by horseback, for burial at Shap; the last such journey was made in 1736.


Marker-post just after where the path begins to lose height - turn right here on a clearly discernible path for Selside Pike.


The view north towards Penrith from the summit of Selside Pike.


Selside Pike - the summit.


The lower cairn on Artlecrag Pike…………….


…………….......and the higher of the two.


Looking back over both cairns to Selside Pike - in the far distance the high Northern Pennines (Great Dun Fell).


Branstree's highest point is marked by a small pile of stones and an OS trigonometrical station set into a concrete plinth.


The smooth grassy descent to Gatescarth Pass follows the boundary fence.

A couple of boundary markers can still be seen aligned with the fence (the one bottom right of this picture has the letter L carved into it)


The top of Longsleddale.


Harter Crag from the slopes of Branstree.


Little Harter Fell and Harter Fell.


Harter Fell crags (and the moon).


High Street - on the right Rough Crag leading to Long Stile.


Haweswater across Branstree's lower western slopes.


Another view of High Street.


Looking north over Mardale Head.


Violet waits and surveys the scenery.


Branstree over Gatescarth Beck.


Mardale Head.