Sunday 27th November 2011


Start Point : Stackhouse (SD 814 653)


Distance : 4.5 miles          Height Ascended : 320 metres


Route Map





Reinsber Scar.


Penyghent was to dominate most the views today.


My route took me to the top left of this picture - above Happy Valley.


Happy Valley - a local name for the upland hollow on the southern approach to Smearsett Scar.


Smearsett Scar and the Celtic Wall.


The Celtic Wall.


Pot Scar - Ingleborough and Simon Fell silhouetted behind.


Smearsett Scar.


Smearsett Scar - the west ridge.


The summit.


Penyghent and Fountains Fell from the summit of Smearsett Scar.


Field patterns.


Looking back to Pot Scar.


Pot Scar and Smearsett Scar.


Smearsett Scar from the south-east.


Passing clouds Penyghent and Fountains Fell.




Little Stainforth.