Thursday 5th July 2012


Start Point : Dent (SD 704 871)


Distance : 6.7 miles          Height Ascended : 200 metres


Route Map



Main Street, Dent.


Looking downriver from Tommy Bridge.


Great Coum.


A feature of Dentdale is the remarkable number of farmhouses, cottages and barns on the lower slopes of the fells on both

sides of the valley. No other Yorkshire dale can boast such intensive husbandry, mile for mile, nor a fairer prospect.

(AW – Walk in Limestone Country).


Another view downriver (from the footbridge opposite Basil Busk).

From here the route returns to the Dent/Hawes road.

The subsequent detour to Hell’s Cauldron proved fruitless – the stile down

to the river bed now blocked over and time constraints prevented an alternative route.


Ibbeth Peril - although close to the road it is densely screened by trees.


Above Ibbeth Peril - very slippy underfoot on the moss-covered limestone.


Late afternoon storm clouds gathering over Dentdale.


Hetty on the Dales Way - here just a trod through a hay meadow.


The ford below Tommy Bridge.


Back in Dent – just before the skies opened.