Sunday 9th September 2012


Start Point : Leck  (SD 644 768)


Distance : 6.0 miles          Height Ascended : 320 metres


Route Map



St Peter's Church – Leck.


If starting at Leck, or Cowan Bridge, there is an unavoidable element of road  walking

required to reach the top of the open fell but the going is easy and virtually car-free.


Looking across to Brownthwaite Pike and Low Barbon Fell.


Lost John's Cave - the stream entrance.


Approaching the top of the fell road - the Three  Men of Gragareth ahead.


The view towards Barbon Low Fell over the fenced enclosure around Short Drop Cave.


Entrance to Rumbling Cave.


Rumbling Hole - the largest surface opening on Leck Fell.


Long Drop Cave.


Crag Hill and Great Coum.


Eyeholes - a pair of holes with an intervening natural bridge of rock.


 Death's Head Hole.


Martha and Hetty wait behind the safety of the protective fence.


Leck Fell House and Gragareth.


The path from Death's Head Hole follows the line of the wall before veering off right towards Easegill Kirk.


Are y'ewes looking at me?


Leck Beck Head.


Looking up Leck Beck - Crag Hill to the right.


…………………………and again in portrait.


Looking downstream from the same viewpoint.


The ruins of Anneside - presumably the name of the farm that once occupied this spot.


Leck Beck.


The Old Parsonage – Leck.


Grey squirrel.


Former Clergy Daughters School - Cowan Bridge.

Attended by the four Bronte sisters 1824-5.