Sunday 7th October 2012


Start Point : Handley’s Bridge  (SD 705 976)


Distance : 6.8 miles          Height Ascended : 450 metres


Route Map



Handley's Bridge.


Great Dummacks and Cautley Crag over the southern slope of Wandale Hill.


Similar view by the field barns above Murthwaite.


Ruined farmstead at Murthwaite.


Grere Fell and Adamthwaite Bank.


Approaching Harter Fell.


Wandale Hill.


Looking southwest down Wandale Beck.




……………………deep set amongst lovely trees and in scenery reminiscent of a Scottish Glen (AW).


Harter Fell resident.


The high Howgills over Wandale Hill.


The Howgill skyline, from the summit of Harter Fell

(AW’s Walks in the Howgills – Walk 20 page 4).


The Howgill skyline, from the summit of Harter Fell.


Looking down on the limestone formations of Stennerskeugh Clouds and Fell End Clouds below Wild Boar Fell.


The Eden Valley and northern Pennines from Little Harter Fell.


Yarlside, Randygill Top and Green Bell from Little Harter Fell.


Gais Gill.


Descending the farm road towards Adamthwaite – Wandale Hill ahead.


Randygill Top over Stockless Gill.


Marion - behind is the saddle between Yarlside and Kensgriff.


Mountain View Farm - now deserted - near the head of Westerdale.




Wild Boar Fell and Swarth Fell from Wandale Hill.




Narthwaite - more abandoned farm buildings.


Harter Fell - on the right Murthwaite Park, ascended through at the beginning of the walk.