Sunday 4th November 2012


Start Point : Carlingill Bridge  (SD 624 996)


Distance : 3.5 miles          Height Ascended : 450 metres


Route Map



Carlingill Bridge

The malformed keystones and secondary arch under the bridge indicate an extension and a widening of the original structure.


Grains Gill and Weasel Gill.


Looking back downstream over the southern slope of Blease Fell to a lightly snow-topped Grayrigg Pike.


The lower reaches of Carlin Gill.


Further upstream and the ravine of Black Force becomes discernible (upper right of centre).


Crossing Small Gill.


Between Small Gill and Black Force the route is confined

to the streambed by the steepening sides of the gill.


Black Force

One of the high spots of the Howgills……….


………….with even more dramatic scenery than that of the better known Cautley Spout…………..


……..Normally the flow of water is small, and it is rather the wild………


………………inhospitability of this awesome cleft that attracts, and repels, those who visit it. (AW – A Lune Sketchbook)


Another view of  Grayrigg Pike from the top of Black Force.


Higher up, the steep slope on the east side of the

Black Force ravine assumes the shape of an arete.


On the opposite side of the ravine there are many rock-folds and striations.


The waters of Carlin Gill wind their way towards the Lune Gorge.


Marion enjoys the first light sprinkling of snow.


Fell Head.


From the top of Linghaw there is  a splendid view across the Lune valley to the Lakeland Fells.


Simon's Seat beyond the steep slopes of upper Carlin Gill.


The Lune Gorge from Fairmile.


Crook of Lune Bridge.