Friday 3rd February 2012


Start Point : Settle (SD 819 638)

Distance : 4.8 miles Height Ascended : 400 metres


Route Map


Constitution Hill Settle.


A corner of Constitution Hill.


Blua Crags.


Warrendale Knotts.


Warrendale Knotts.


Warrendale Knotts - there is an entrance to a small cave at the far end of the wall.


Another view of Warrendale Knotts.


Superb limestone scenery.


The steep path up to Attermire Cave.


Looking down on Warrendale Knotts from the narrow ledge outside Attermire Cave.


The entrance to Attermire Cave.


Attermire Scar.


The approach to Victoria Cave.


Victoria Cave.

Looking across to Ingleborough from the entrance to Victoria Cave.


Jubilee Caves.


Looking out from Jubilee Cave.


Above Jubilee Caves there is an extensive view towards Penyghent and Fountains Fell.


The frontal approach to Jubilee Caves.




Penyghent over Stainforth Scar.