Monday 6th May 2013


Start Point : Keld (NY 892 012)


Distance :  6.8 miles         Height Ascended : 2000 feet


Route Map


2013 marks the 40th anniversary of the publication of Alfred Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Walk. To commemorate the occasion the

Wainwright Society raised the challenge of completing 48 separate linear walks that together formed the entire route. Each section

allowed Society members to help raise funds for its Coast to Coast project in addition to monitoring the route for access problems.

I chose Walk No. 23 the ‘Keld to Blakethwaite Mill’ section which was completed as a ‘there and back’ - the photographs that follow are

shown in the order in which they would occur walking the C2C (west to east).



Half a mile upstream of Keld the infant River Swale gently tumbles over the pictureque falls of Wain Wath Force.


Of Keld, Wainwright wrote '……..a sundial marks the hours but time is measured in centuries'


The high village of Keld marks the halfway point of the Coast to Coast but my Challenge walk starts here.


Crossing the footbridge over the River Swale.


East Gill Force - turn left here for the Pennine Way right to continue the Coast to Coast.



‘The little cluster of stone buildings, tidily yet haphazardly arranged is attractively situated on a headland overlooking the Swale’ (AW)


The ruins of Crackpot Hall.

Abandoned due to mining subsidence...........


…………..but forever with a lovely view downriver towards Muker.


The upper approach to Swinner Gill.


Swinner Gill.


The view the other way extends down Swaledale.


The ruins of the smelt mill. the waterfall, and the mine level at the foot of East Grain.


East Grain.


The bridge over upper Swinner Gill.


Swinner Gill Kirk.


The old adit and waterfall below the ruins of the old smelt mill.


The ruins of Swinner Gill lead mines.


Looking down East Grain.


Beyond this sheepfold the main path curves right (for Gunnerside) but just

 before the bend the C2C route follows a line of cairns down to the left.


North Hush.


The upper reaches of Gunnerside Gill.


The ruins of Blakethwaite Smelt Mill.


Gunnerside Gill.


Gunnerside Gill - a graphic scene of industrial decay.


The ruins of Blakethwaite smelt mill - upper left the well preserved remains of an old lime kiln.


The cloister-like…………………..




……………….of the peat store house.