Friday 7th June 2013


Start Point : Rawthey Bridge (SD 711 979)


Distance : 10.3 miles        Height Ascended : 2250 feet


Route Map




Looking back along the path above the Rawthey - Wandale Hill in the middle distance, Kensgriff and Yarlside behind to the left.


The path drops down to a footbridge (which do not cross) which gives an upstream view of a series of mini waterfalls.


A thin track continues up river to a disused quarry.


A hazy view of the Howgills from the banks of the infant Rawthey.


The narrow track drops down again to accompany the infant River Rawthey.


The limestone gorge of Dockholmes.


Unusual erosion patterns on the limestone river bed.


Shortly after passing an old sheepfold above Dockholmes the river swings to the right into wilder surroundings

(here  looking back towards Wild Boar Fell and Swarth Fell).


The route continues up and into the ravine of Rawthey Gill.


The foot of Swere Gill.


Rawthey Gill.


The dry conditions allow the stream to be closely followed along its floor.


Waterfall on Rawthey Gill.


Wainwright’s ‘big boulder in bed of stream’.


Not to be confused with this smaller one further downstream!!


The summit of Knoutberry Haw.


The wide featureless expanse of Baugh Fell - Wild Boar Fell to the right


West Baugh Fell Tarn.


The Howgills.


Great Dummacks silhouetted against the skyline over Bluecaster.


Wandale Hill and Harter Fell.


Wild Boar fell and Swarth Fell over mid-Uldale.


Rawthey Bridge.


Ben End and Yarlside.