Saturday 15th June 2013


Start Point : Near Burntmill Bridge (SD 680 924)

Distance : 4.3 miles Height Ascended : 700 feet


Route Map



Winder, Crook and Arant Haw from the Dowbiggin farms access road.


Green Hollins.


Winder and Crook.


Looking up Great Dovecot Gill.........


.......from the point where the stream drops down into the wooded gill below.


Cloudy Howgills.


Penny Farm Gill, leading to Hebblethwaite Hall Gill.


The top of Baugh Fell can just be seen from the fording point of Near Gill Laids.


The foot of Near Gill Laids

Crook over Hebblethwaite Hall.


Hidden waterfalls at the junction of Nor Gill and Far Gill Laids.


Sky, a tree and grass.


Hebblethwaite Hall.


Knoutberry Haw.


Knott and Great Dummacks.


Martha and Hetty.


Big sky and buttercups.


Great Dummacks heavily shadowed.


Crook, Sickers Fell and Knott - classic Howgills scenery.


Great Dummacks - in the distance the small bump of Wandale Hill.


The alpaca herd at Ghyllas.


The old mill by Hebblethwaite Hall Gill at Burntmill Bridge.


Burntmill Bridge.