Tuesday 9th July 2013


Start Point : Town Head, Ravenstonedale (NY 722 038)


Distance :  5.6 miles         Height Ascended : 1200 feet


Route Map




The two wooden footbridges and the rough track leading ahead to Knoutberry and Green Bell.




Looking back down towards the foot of Wyegarth Gill and Ravenstonedale.


The small pile of stones marking the top of Knoutberry - here looking towards the eastern slopes of

Green Bell and the source of the Lune (just right of the ruins of the old sheepfold – centre of picture).


From the small depression between Knoutberry and Green Bell there is a view of Yarlside with the top of Cautley Crag behind.


Looking north over the ruins of the old sheepfold.


The highest spring that is recognised as the source of the River Lune.


It might reasonably be expected that the proud and patriotic burgesses of Lancaster would have worn a distinct path to the birthplace of

their river by frequent pilgrimages. Such is not the case. There is no evidence on the spot that man has ever been there except for a

tumbledown sheepfold nearby, built centuries ago. Not only is there no path: there is not even a crushed blade of grass to tell of a passing

boot. Obviously the proud and patriotic burgesses of Lancaster have other objectives in their minds (AW).


In case of doubt about the source of the Lune…….some kind person has marked it with a marked slate!!


From this…………….


...........to this

Sunderland Point – the end of everything.


Cautley Crag and Yarlside from the col between Grere Fell and Green Bell.


Grere Fell……………no long distance views today.


Marsh Thistles - the white and purple flowered variants.


White-tailed Bumblebee.


Wyegarth Gill.




The ruins of Thornthwaite farm.


Wye Garth.


Knoutberry and Green Bell over Wye Garth.


Green Bell from Tarn Riggs.