Saturday 14th September 2013


Start Point : Sedbergh (SD 659 922)

Distance : 4.5 miles Height Ascended : 1500 feet


Route Map


Settlebeck Gill

The path drops down to ford the beck just above the waterfall and then climbs the opposite bank to the top corner of the intake wall.


Crossing Settlebeck Gill.


Looking southwest over Sedbergh - Holme Knott behind.


Upper Ashbeck Gill below the Arant Haw ridge the slopes of Sickers Fell to the right.


The old dam across the top of Ashbeck Gill.


Looking back to Crook from above the old dam wall.


Crook and Winder from the short climb up to the summit of Sickers Fell.


The last wisps of the early morning cloud cling to the top of Calders and Little Dummacks.


The grassy summit of Sickers Fell.


Calders and Hobdale Gill.


Middleton Fell from the saddle between Sickers Fell and Knott.


Calders, Little Dummacks and Great Dummacks behind the steep frontage of Middle Tongue.


Wild Boar Fell from Knott..........


..........and another view of the Calders / Great Dummacks ridge.


Heading towards the foot of Ashbeck Gill from the quick easy descent of Knott.


Crook Sedbergh in the distance below to the left.


The middle reaches of Ashbeck Gill.


The foot of Ashbeck Gill.


Crossing Ashbeck Gill.