Monday 23rd September 2013


Start Point : Bowderdale Foot (NY 677 046)


Distance : 10.7 miles       Height Ascended : 2000 feet


Route Map




Bowderdale Foot.......a little overgrown.


Old barn and sheepfolds, Bowderdale Beck.


Looking up Bowderdale.....a thick blanket of cloud covers the high tops..... unfortunately it persisited for the duration of today's walk.


Bowderdale sheepfold.


Hazel Gill......and Wainwright’s 'another tree!'


Misty rendezvous at The Calf’s summit.


A gloomy view of Langdale.


The foot of Bowderdale Beck from the lower northern slope of West Fell.


Looking back up Bowderdale and the tops remain covered.


The lower reaches of Bowderdale, looking up the valley to West Fell.