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Cyber Security System – An overview

Cyber security contain cyber is network technologies in phone laptops and computers connected through internet server. And security is protection or measures are taken to protect our computers. As our nation faces from cyber threat, So many implementation of programmes are going on to protect from unauthorized attack.

We are connected in incredibly large digital footprint.

Laptops computer and mobile are consider in system. Network belongs to operating system and internet connections. Application are information stored in system all combine to form cyber in order to protect this cyber from unauthorized access cyber security is required.

Cyber Security

Importance of Cyber security

We are connected in incredibly large digital footprint. And this attracts ethical hackers for crime. Protecting data from attacking fake website and mail is aim of Cyber Security System. Social networks sites are free from personal data and information. Do not download suspicious files and soft ware which may contain viruses if system is not containing antivirus.

Core Defensive measures


It may reduce cyber security risk profile, Also productivity maintained.

Security: – are basically controls as well as it requisite action or measures undertaken directly or indirectly in support of policies. E.g.  Change password of computer in 365 days it require 5 minutes to log in our computer but it protect from hacking.

Instruction Detection and preventions:

  • Role of Security operation centres are to provide instructions and detect the valuable data secured
  • Malware or undesirable content should be filtered out.
  • Network security perform lead role in rejection of contents in multiple location
  • Encryption and decryption technique is done.
  • Anti-viral system should be installed so proper operation of technique done.

Effect of IOT devices: Target of Hackers

  • Through internet connection our car, watches, home security, laptop and smart phones are connected through IP address.
  • Remotely control our car.
  • As home automation systems are installed. Home security system may hack through ethical hacking.
  • An entire nation can be crippled by cyber attack or its critical infrastructure.
  • Power grid, transportation, agriculture all are connected in critical infrastructure.

“Cyber security is only good as good as weakest link in security chain if it is weak then it is not a technology”